becu routing number

What is a routing number?

In the US, banks and other budgetary foundations use directing numbers to recognize themselves. They’re comprised of 9 digits, and at times called directing travel numbers, ABA steering numbers, or RTNs.

The Federal Reserve Banks need directing numbers to process Fedwire reserves exchanges. The ACH arrange additionally needs them to process electronic subsidizes exchanges – like direct stores and bill installments.

Discover BECU directing numbers for:

Type of wire transfer BECU routing number
Domestic Wire Transfer325081403
International Wire Transfer as FFC to BECU account in the USA325081403
SWIFT Code of the intermediary bank (Wells Fargo)WFBIUS6WFFX

They will require your 10-digit BECU checking or potentially bank account number alongside BECU’s ABA/directing number, 325081403. In view of your boss’ particular necessities for the underlying set up, they may request that you give a voided check, direct store confirmation letter or round out their enlistment structure. Government direct store structures can be found on the U.S. Branch of Treasury site.becu routing number

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