DCU Routing Number

DCU Routing Number


Each financial institution is issued a nine-digit number by the U.S. Federal Reserve.
This number has several names, including routing number, ABA number and routing transit number (RTN). Since no two banks or credit unions have the same routing number, the number is used as an identifier. This allows one financial institution to move money to another. Although some banks and credit unions, like DCU, have just one routing number, others have multiple numbers to further identify specific branch locations. Capital One Bank, for example, has 85 ABA numbers.
In order to sign up for a direct deposit or to transfer funds electronically from your account, you’ll need to locate your DCU routing number.
Routing numbers are broken up into three sections.
Taking the time to examine each block of numbers is the best way to understand how your ABA number works.
Section one is known as the Federal Reserve Processing Symbol, which is made up of four digits.
The first two digits indicate which Federal Reserve district serves the financial institution.
For example, 03 is used for the Philadelphia district, and 07 refers to Chicago.
The last two digits of the Federal Processing Symbol are used to identify the regional processing center and the bank or credit union’s location.

How to identify the ROUTING NUMBER .


Digital Federal Credit Union211391825



Digital Federal Credit Union Routing Number 211391825

Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU) is focused on putting its members first with benefits such as free checks, free ATM transactions and early access to paycheck funds when a direct deposit is used.
DCU Bank is a regional bank chain in New England, with most branches in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, as well as over 6,800 co-op branches where you can still use bank services.
DCU bank allows you to make international wire transfers in numerous foreign currencies.
If you have either a checking or savings account with DCU USA, you can make an international wire transfer. And, if you’re looking to save money, you can still use your DCU bank account and send money domestically online through TransferWise for the international transfer — likely saving yourself a lot of hassle. And money.
DCU does not participate in the Swift Network and therefore does not have a Swift Code or IBAN.
If you are receiving funds from a foreign country, the originating institution will need to send the funds through an intermediary institution. …
DCU has no prior knowledge of these fees and is not responsible for them.

 How to identify the DCU ROUTING NUMBER   



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