RBFCU Routing Number

RBFCU Routing Number

What is routing number and how to identify it?

In the US, banks and other financial institutions use routing numbers to identify themselves.
They’re made up of 9 digits, and sometimes called routing transit numbers, ABA routing numbers, or RTNs.
The nine-digit routing number — also called the ABA RTN, or “American Bankers Association Routing Transit Number” — serves as an electronic address for bank transactions made among financial institutions within the U.S. (international transactions require different codes such as the SWIFT or IBAN). Most banks don’t use a single routing number for all of their accounts.
The routing number for your account is often determined by the state or branch where your account was opened. And at some financial institutions, the same account also can have multiple routing numbers assigned to it, depending on the type of transaction you’re trying to complete.

Do Routing Numbers Change? Here’s What To Do?
Yes, routing numbers (and account numbers) occasionally change, usually when banks merge,
consolidate or acquire other banks. The good news is you will be given plenty of time to change over.


Here are some things to be mindful of:

Your financial institution will notify you if any routing number get change month in advance
and in many cases old routing number will be active for a month or a year if new routing number is applied to your account but in any case bank will permit you to use the old checks with old routing number is printed on it until they run out If they ask you to stop using your old checks by a certain date, it’s OK to ask that they provide you with a free box of new checks.

How to identify the ROUTING NUMBER


Type of wire transferRBFCU routing number
Domestic Wire Transfer314089681
International Wire Transfer as FFC to RBFCU account in the USA314089681
SWIFT Code of the intermediary bankProvided by sender's bank


Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union – Introduction

There are several banks all over the world, but the aspect that stages the Randolph Brooks
separately out of the other is their dedication to assist people in achieving their business goals, this further display that their prophecy and motto “Save time,
save money and earn money”. RBFCU began with serving the families & the military armies, but presently their reach has lengthened to an entire set of additional places within Texas, and worldwide.
RBFCU comprises of above 55 branches worldwide, but the 3 foremost workplaces are situated in Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas.
You might have caught of the saying “Time is money.” This is particularly spot-on from the perspective of RBFCU. They consider that while people possess more time, it makes them earn all the more money. Another mission of the RBFCU group is to assist the clients in freeing their time with the intention to provide them the chance to produce money. If you’re a Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union customer or are transferring money to an RBFCU account,
RBFCU has only one routing number that you’ll need to use: 314089681.
If you need to know it at any time, you can find it by calling
customer service at 800-580-3300 or you can find your routing number on your check in the bottom left corner.



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