td bank routing number

TD Bank Routing Number

What is ROUTING NUMBER and what is the use of ROUTING NUMBER?

A routing number is a 9-digit code that will be used to identify where your bank account was opened.
It may also be known as an RTN, an ABA routing number, or a routing transit number.
As you prepare to send money internationally, one of the numbers that you’ll want to have on hand is your routing number. Routing numbers don’t need to be kept confidential, a lot of banks will even have them posted on their websites. This makes it a snap to access the routing number you need for wiring money with a simple Google search.
There are several situations in which you’ll be asked for your routing number. For example, if you’re making a payment by phone or online, or if you’re making automatic bill payments, you’ll need to provide your account number and routing number. If you’re processing checks or transferring money internationally, you’ll be asked to provide your routing number so the banks will know precisely where the money needs to go.


 Routing Number
Massachusetts/Rhode Island211370545
Metro DC/Maryland/Virginia054001725
New Hampshire011400071
New Jersey/Delaware031201360
New York – Metro NYC or former Commerce customers026013673
New York – Upstate NY or former Banknorth customers021302567
North Carolina/South Carolina053902197
TD Bank (Toronto-Dominion Bank)

TD Bank is also known as Toronto-Dominion Bank. TD bank headquarter is in TORONTO, ONTARIO
the bank was created on February 1, 1955, through the merger of the Bank of Toronto and The Dominion Bank, which were founded in 1855 and 1869, respectively.
TD Bank was the largest bank in Canada by total assets, the second largest by market capitalization
and a top-10 bank in North America, and the 26th largest bank in the world.

TD offers a full range of financial products and services more than 25 million customers worldwide through three key business lines:
3) Wholesale Banking
TD had CDN $1.3 trillion in assets on January 31, 2019.
TD also ranks among the world’s leading online financial services firms, with more than 12 million active online and mobile customers. TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank, is one of the 10 largest banks in the U.S., providing more than 9 million customers with a full range of retail, small business, and commercial banking products and services.

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