USAA Routing Number

Routing Number is Unique Nine Digit Number which helps you

It’s an obvious question that if someone has your Routing Number and Bank Account Number, Can they Withdraw money from your Bank Account then Simple Answer is – Yes. They can use your routing number and account number too.

directly withdraw the amount from your account. They can also make spurious checks and cash them. Be careful about divulging this information publically, or Even Privately. Routing numbers help

individual to deposit or withdraw from respective bank accounts. If somebody owns your information then you may face huge trouble.

Please be careful while handling your information and make sure that nobody gets it; it doesn’t mean that you have to this information in a locker or in a pretty heavy safe. Only you have to just keep it with you. Anytime you suspect someone is using your information, just close it as soon as possible and get a new account.

Your account number and routing number is enough to write a digital check; more accurately, an individual can ask your bank to transfer money from your account to their account even without notice, for the reason that they have plenty details to unambiguously identify both accounts.

There are Three Ways (Maybe there are several other ways as well) that you can get cheated if someone else starts taking care of your routing number and account number.


  1. IF somebody is holding your routing number and account they can visit the branch, use counter check and withdraw all of your money which you earned by hard work. It’s just like fingertip trick that anyone can use against your money and make a fraud.
  2. An individual can also ACH drafts to transfer amount from one bank account to another bank account.  It could be used against you to take out your entire fund from your bank account through ACH. Your current bank is supposed to crosscheck all the information before initiate to stop such frauds as well as if this happens at any condition there will be a very easy to follow the trail to who got the fund.
  3. With Help of your account and routing number, someone would get bogus checks printed and he could use them in his financial transactions. In checks and In Cash as well. An Individual presenting the check could print any XYZ name on the check they wanted. As it’s not mandatory to match the name printed on the check with the name of withdrawer, and Individual would use any valid-appearing ID (Will will be fake again) matching the name printed on the checks.

As I already some there can be some other ways to make fraud with the help of routing number and account number. Technically they can access all of your account details. As you know in the real and practical world, it is not

possible for banks to monitor each and every transaction and some could simply accept the transfer but as you haven’t initiated it you can ask for the refund and initiate an inquiry as well.

USAA Federal Savings Bank’s ABA number is 314074269. One of a kind ABA numbers are doled out to each budgetary organization by the U.S. Central bank. Used to move reserves electronically starting with one monetary organization then onto the next, they are in some cases called Bank Transit Routing numbers.


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